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Head Coach / Owner

Certificate  III Fitness

Certificate IV Personal Training

Having started boxing at the age of 16, under the wings of his Uncle Igor Pocev, it became very apparent that Christian was a natural in boxing. Within 6 months of training he competed in his first fight and at 19 became a boxing coach. A year later Christian ran the Delahey gym.

With 11 amateur fights, 10 wins, 2 Victorian titles and 5 professional fights for 5 wins under his belt, he knows everything when it comes to coaching. His proficiencies in the Art of Boxing, Sparring, Strength, Core training, HIIT, Cardio and Mental development is shared amongst all his student. Under his guidance her will help you achieve your goal, whatever they might be.

Christian has the ability to bring out the absolute best in people and guide them to a healthier and happier life. Whether its boxing technique, weight loss, strength training, fitness or a place to feel a sense of belonging, Christian will be with you every step of the way.



Certificate III Fitness

Certificate IV Personal Training

At the age of 16 Patrick stumbled on the Academy in Delahey and found his passion in the Art of Boxing. He quickly learnt the value of hard work and how the physical and mental components of boxing helped him in the outside world. This Academy became his life outside of school and made the greatest friend he has today, Christian Pocev.

With 8 fights and 1 state title under his belt, Patrick brings a lot of experience to the Academy. His physical and mental ability along with his technical knowledge in Boxing, sparring, core and strength training, HIIT and fitness will be sure to get you on track and reach your goals.   

Patrick believes the role of a Coach can be one of the most important influences in another person’s life. He will push you hard and remind you how great you’ve done at the end.




Certificate III Fitness

Having a passion for Boxing, Sammy began training with Igor Pocev in 2012. After 5 years of training and sparring, she competed in her first inter club fight and kept going from there.

Boxing at Lionsden gave Sammy the ability to overcome low self esteem, lack in confidence and the feeling of not feeling good enough which lead her to become a coach herself. Her understanding of women's health, core and strength training, the art of boxing and HIIT will get you fitter than every before.

Sammy has the ability to encourage and inspire others to reach their goals. Whether it is mental or physical she will remind you how awesome you are!



Certificate III Fitness

Certificate IV Personal Training

At the age of 14, Ziyee started his boxing journey after a boxing documentary caught his curiosity. Following a school excursion to a boxing gym, he quickly realised there was no turning back. Boxing had Ziyee's full attention and it became a passion and a way of life for him.

Boxing has helped Ziyee overcome many personal struggles and hurdles and has enabled him to become a confident young man in all aspects of his life.

Ziyee is here to coach you through all facets of boxing from a fitness and mental perspective to help you achieve your goals. He believes the role of a coach is not only to help you get to where you want to be in the boxing gym but also in everyday life. His driven nature and happy demeanour will have you coming back for more.